Vice President for Research Local Discovery Global Impact

OVPR 2017 Town Hall Meeting Presentation (.PDF)

Colorado State University is recognized as one of the premier research institutions and routinely ranks in the top of all American Universities in research expenditures. The Office of the Vice President for Research has overall responsibility for facilitating the research enterprise at Colorado State University. The Office works to encourage and support the development, marketing and application of Colorado State University’s intellectual property and our world-renowned researchers, students and facilities.


The Office of the Vice President for Research will enable the University, its faculty, staff and students to emerge as a world-class research institution complementing our learning, service and outreach missions.


The Office of the Vice President for Research will lead the 21st Century Land-Grant mission of Colorado State University by fostering and supporting the research enterprise, promoting scholarship and artistry, instilling a culture of integrity, and capitalizing on opportunities to address global challenges.


  • HARP: Stimulating new diverse funding opportunities based on multidisciplinary high impact ideas. (HARP .pdf)
  • INSTAR: An ethos of agility and innovative infrastructural support of sponsored activity, support of large complex proposals, animal use, and core facilities. (INSTAR .pdf)
  • PROPEL: Optimizing performance and excellence in research personnel, acknowledging achievements, sustainable program for the recruitment/retention of faculty alignment with HARP research initiatives, graduate/undergraduate research, and increased inclusion of multicultural elements including diverse workforce and ideas. (PROPEL .pdf)

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