About the IACUC

The conduct of ethical research is a long-standing tradition at Colorado State University (CSU). Part of this tradition is a continuing dedication to the humane and ethical care of animals used in research, teaching, and testing. This dedication, as well as applicable federal regulations, requires CSU to maintain a supervisory committee for the use of animals in research, teaching, and testing. This committee is known as the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee or IACUC.

The IACUC reviews and regulates the use of animals for both research, teaching, and testing. The IACUC and the Attending Veterinarian have oversight and responsibility for CSU’s Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP) and the animal facilities, including satellite campuses where animals are used for research, teaching, and testing. Twice a year, the IACUC inspects CSU’s facilities and reviews the ACUP.

The IACUC also serves as a resource for CSU researchers in all aspects of animal welfare in research. The Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office (RICRO) provides administrative services for the IACUC. Two staff members are assigned as IACUC Coordinators. With their knowledge of federal regulations and CSU policies, the IACUC Coordinators serve as liaisons between the IACUC and investigators by answering questions, issuing and following up on IACUC correspondence, tracking protocol status, providing training, solving problems and generally troubleshooting.

Applicable Federal Regulations

USDA/APHIS Animal Welfare Act and Public Health Service (PHS) Policy

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