Animal Care & Use Program Vice President for Research

Colorado State University values the critical importance of the ethical use of animals in research, testing and educational programs for improving human and animal health. We are committed to maintaining a high quality animal care program. The use of animals for research, testing and educational programs should be responsible, humane and adhere to pertinent regulations, policies and standards governing the care and use of animals. Our Animal Care Program consists of a cross-university partnership consisting of university administration and faculty members.

  • Animal husbandry and veterinary medical care is provided by Laboratory Animal Resources; with a component managed by individual colleges or departments.
  • The Director of Laboratory Animal Resources ensures that adequate veterinary care is provided to all animals in the program.
  • The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee has federally mandated oversight responsibilities over the program.
  • Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office supports the functions of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and other compliance review committees. The Vice President for Research is the Institutional Official.
  • The Institutional Official assures that Colorado State University complies with all applicable standards by providing leadership, guidance, resources and setting policies.
  • The Animal Users Committee presents the views of investigators to the Vice President for Research; playing a crucial advisory role.
  • The principal investigator is a critical member of the institutional team; whose primary responsibility is to ensure that all procedures performed on animals are done according to Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee-approved protocols. Environmental Health Services ensures that the work place is safe.
  • Facilities Department is the primary organization responsible for maintaining Colorado State University’s buildings and facilities including animal facilities.

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