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Flow Cytometry Facility Vice President for ResearchMission:

The mission of the Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility (FCF) is to provide easy and cost effective access to state-of-the-art flow cytometry and cell sorting instrumentation, services, and expertise for all researchers at Colorado State University.

Flow Core  News & Announcements:

Dear Flow Cytometry community –

I want to thank you all for the opportunity, along with our Co-Director, Marcela Henao-Tamayo, to build, operate and manage the CSU flow core over the past four years through the OVPR Emerging Innovations Facilities program. We regret to inform you that Chris Allen has resigned his position as Assistant Professor at CSU and has taken a position as a Technical Application Specialist with Cytek BioSciences. His last official day at CSU will be Wednesday, August 15.

10X Genomics Seminar: Biology at True Resolution: Resolving Complex Biology with Single Cell Analysis
Featured Speaker: Jason Kim, Technical Sales Specialist, 10x Genomics
In this seminar, we will take a closer look at 10x Genomics technology and how researchers are using it to facilitate groundbreaking research. We will also highlight upcoming releases including the Single Cell ATAC Solution and Single Cell Gene Expression with Feature Barcoding Technology.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM MDT
Colorado State University
Pathology Building, Room 103
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1619

Register Here

New Manager: We hired Ellie Brooks (Elizabeth.Brooks@colostate.edu) to serve as the manager of the flow core in MRB 479D. She will oversee daily operations, provide care and maintenance of the cytometers and be your onsite person for assay development questions and troubleshooting problems. She will train to become FACSAria cell sorter operator. She will be available Mondays 1pm to 5pm, and Wednesdays and Fridays 8:30am – 5pm.

Cell Sorting: In the interim, Cell sorting will be available Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Marcela Henao (Director) and Taru Dutt will operate the FACSAria until Ellie is fully trained. They are both BD-trained cell sorter operators. Taru came to CSU after four years operating a FACSAria III instrument in India. To schedule your sorting experiment please email Ellie (Elizabeth.Brooks@colostate.edu), she will schedule the sorting experiment with Taru or Marcela.

New Aurora Spectral Cytometer with 4 lasers (including a yellow laser), arriving soon!

Chris will be joining the Cytek team, supporting the Aurora spectral cytometer in the Western Region of the US.He will be traveling at least 50-60% of the time, but keeping his home base here in Fort Collins. He will probably be CSU’s point of contact for spectral cytometry so he won’t be a stranger to CSU.

From Chris: “It’s been a pleasure working with you as the Co-Director of the CSU flow core. This is a bittersweet transition as I have really enjoyed working with all of you over the past several years. I hope we have the opportunity to continue working together as I transition into my new position. You can reach me at Cytek after August 22 at: callen@cytekbio.com or by phone at: 505-306-4092.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your future research efforts. ”





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