The mission of the Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility (FCF) is to provide easy and cost effective access to state-of-the-art flow cytometry and cell sorting instrumentation, services, and expertise for all researchers at Colorado State University.

Flow Enthusiasts – The CSU Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility (CSU FCF) will be hosting a FlowJo Training session next Monday, April 17 from 11 AM – noon in MRB Room 463. Dr. Tim Crawford, Application Scientist at FlowJo will present a seminar for users at all levels of expertise. His topics will include Workspace, Graph Window, Gating, Layouts, Tables, Batch Reporting, Compensation, Platforms and Plugins for Discovery. Individual consultations will be available from 1-4 PM on that day – email Tim at: TIMC@FLOWJO.COM. Please join us for this exciting, fun-filled seminar, see flyer above. Coffee and bagels will be provided by the CSU FCF.

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