User Fees – Prices effective November 1, 2017



Non-CSU Academic or Non-Profit 

Non-CSU Commercial

Cell Analysis

Unassisted Use – Aurora, CyAn or Gallios cytometers (available for trained users only) $66 $95 $110
Assisted Use – Aurora, CyAn or Gallios cytometers (available for non-trained users) $116 $165 $195
Drop-Off Sample Full Service Analysis (worked performed by CSU-FCF personnel) $200 $285 $335
HyperCyte Rapid Sampler (Associated with CyAn1, CyAn2 and Aurora) $25 $35 $60
Unassisted Use BSL3 Conditions (available for trained users with BSL3 clearance) $200 $280 $335
Assisted Use BSL3 Conditions (available for non-trained users -worked performed by CSU-FCF personnel) additional entrance fee must be paid $250 $350 $420
Drop-Off Sample BSL3 Conditions Full Service Analysis (worked performed by CSU-FCF personnel) additional entrance fee must be paid $334 $470 $560

Cell Sorting

FACSAria-III – Non-Hazardous cells by prior arrangement with Chris: Christopher.Allen@ Colostate.EDU. $150 $210 $240

Data Analysis

Flow cytometry data analysis computer (unassisted use, access to FlowJo, ModFit, Summit or Prism software) $20 $30 $35
FloJo Licenses – per year, rates prorated from February 1 (CSU rates only – license not available to individuals or entities outside the University) $350

Project Development

Flow Cytometry Consultation – assay development, optimization, implementation and analysis questions answered by CSU-FCF ASCP-ISAC-ICCS board-certified Cytometrists $66 $95 $110
Flow Cytometry Full Scientific Project Development – includes all reagents and supplies for assay development, optimization, implementation, and analysis.  All work performed by CSU-FCF ASCP-ISAC-ICCS board-certified Cytometrists: individual rates based on project requirements – please see flow core personnel

 All rates are per hour but billed based on per minute actual usage

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