Message from the Director

The Infectious Disease Research Center at Colorado State University is built on a foundation of faculty based research programs in infectious diseases spanning decades and includes programs related to Tuberculosis, HIV, Dengue, Zika, Ebola, Malaria, Lyme Disease and other pathogens of interest from both an animal and human disease perspective.  Our mission, quite simply stated, is to defeat global health threats.  We achieve this by taking on the difficult tasks associated with infectious disease research including the development of diagnostic, therapeutic and vaccine candidate materials that can be used to overcome diseases of concern on the state, national and international level.  Our goal as an organization is to become the premier partner for global health research, innovation and education.  We do this by leveraging state of the art facilities, world recognized faculty and students trained to become the next contributors to improving global health conditions for all people.  We welcome academic collaborations, government research groups and private industry partners that can benefit from access to trained staff, high containment biological research and manufacturing facilities and cGMP production capabilities.  As a public based institution of education, our focus is in finding ways to enhance educational opportunities for students, engagement of faculty and support for programs that contribute to the public health needs in veterinary and human populations.  By doing so, we operate on a non-profit basis to address community health needs and provide solutions to problems that vex our communities today.

I hope that you find information on this site that is helpful and addresses a potential need in your own efforts.  We welcome your inquiries and opportunities for collaboration and hope that you can join us in the mission of lifting the burden of disease.

Raymond P. Goodrich, PhD
Executive Director, Infectious Disease Research Center
Office of the Vice President for Research
Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
3185 Rampart Road
Fort Collins, CO 80523-0922
Phone:  970-492-4302

IDRC Leadership Team: Debra Horensky, Ray Goodrich, Howie Carpenter, Cathy Griffin, John Wyckoff

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