Research Innovation Center


The Research Innovation Center (RIC) is Colorado’s premium life science technology accelerator.  Companies at various stages in their development can benefit from locating on the CSU Foothill campus in this state of the art facility.

–Office space located next to flexible, BSL-2 wet lab space

–Shared infrastructure such as meeting rooms, break rooms, reception and mail service

–CSU electronic library system access

–Ideal for collaborating with CSU faculty

–Access to vivarium, laboratory animal services, and major equipment cores for mass spectrometry and next generation sequencing

If you’re interested in applying for a space fill out an application RIC_app  Applications are to be emailed to

The Research Innovation Center (RIC) serves as a vehicle to perform collaborative translational-stage research with CSU’s life sciences community of researchers, giving it the promise to become the birthplace of medical breakthroughs. Located on CSU’s Judson M. Harper Research Complex, a life science park that includes the Infectious Disease Research Center (IDRC), Rocky Mountain Regional Biocontainment Laboratory (RBL), Arthropod-borne and Infectious Diseases Laboratory (AIDL), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the USDA-APHIS, National Wildlife Research Center.

Commercial Rental Space (2nd floor) Total Area: 17,000 sq. ft. Total Office Area: 1,700 sq. ft. Total Lab Area: 7,500 sq. ft. 21 Labs: 140 – 700 sq. ft.




RIC Tenant Companies

Armis Biopharma

Armis Biopharma is a late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company with a growing pipeline of targeted anti-infective therapeutics designed to address antibiotic resistance and healthcare-associated infections, a serious and rapidly growing phenomenon.


E-Flux strives to solve environmental problems with unique and simple solutions.  Products include Fossil Fuel Traps, which were conceived as a cost-effective solution to the complex problem of accurately measuring petroleum biodegredation rates in soil at petroleum spill sites.  The second product offering, Map Traps, utilize similar but less sensitive testing capabilities. Map Traps are used to delineate petroleum based contaminated areas by providing a binary (yes / no) indication of the presence of petroleum.  A third product, BioTherm, is a web-based thermal modeling tool used to enhance the conceptual site model.


KromaTiD, Inc. provides products and services for mutation detection and disease diagnosis.  KromaTiD’s patented dGH™ chromosome imaging platform enables detection of all types of chromosomal rearrangements including previously undetectable cryptic inversions.  Launched in 2013, KromaTiD’s research products and services are paving the way to a deeper understanding of genetic diseases, including cancers and developmental disorders.

Membrane Protective Technologies Inc.

Membrane Protective Technologies, Inc. (MPTI) seeks to provide a competitive advantage to the US reproductive industry by providing natural, plant derived solutions to decrease damage induced by cooling and or freezing of cells with our GameteGuard™.  This research and development company delivers patented and proprietary technologies to the reproductive marketplace thereby creating strategic wins for multiple levels of the andrological, assisted reproduction and cellular preservation industries.


PhotonPharma in a development stage immuno-oncology company whose technology platform combines whole-inactivated tumor cells with novel adjuvants to fight solid tumor cancers.

Prieto Battery

Creating the Most Advanced Rechargeable Battery.

Battery technology has realized only single-digit improvements in performance over the last decade. Many companies are trying to improve certain parts of the lithium-ion battery technology but here at Prieto Battery, we decided to redesign the entire architecture. And so far the results have been promising, Prieto Battery is poised to commercialize a battery that will deliver transformational performance in power density, improved energy density, last longer and will be made using non-toxic chemistry.

SiVEC Biotechnologies

SiVEC Biotechnologies is committed to developing antiviral products for the rapid prevention of economically important diseases. SiVEC’s patent pending antiviral technology, SiVEC-AIV™, can be rapidly applied as a large-scale aerosol to prevent avian flu in poultry, thereby significantly reducing the economic impact of this disease worldwide.

Vivaldi Biosciences

Vivaldi Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing live attenuated influenza vaccines (LAIVs) to address the most pressing public health issues of influenza: the need for a rapid and effective response to emerging pandemics with vaccines that are easily administered, safe and protective, and the need for vaccines that protect the most vulnerable populations – seniors and young children – against seasonal influenza. These age groups suffer disproportionately from influenza and its serious complications, but are poorly served by conventional influenza vaccines.


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