Approving a Proposal in Kuali Research

When it comes time to approve a proposal, the proposal summary screen and the Kuali Research (KR) proposal development workflow will help proposals move through the process quickly. Proposal development workflow routes the documents through the necessary approval steps and the proposal summary screen provides the information an approver needs to make a decision.

The Proposal Development Workflow provides:

  1. electronic routing
  2. electronic approvals
  3. access to action list from any computer
  4. a quicker review process

Approvers will be notified by email when they need to take action on a proposal, and will be presented with the proposal summary screen when the proposal opens.  This proposal summary screen provides approvers with the information they need in order to determine if they approve, disapprove, or if they need to return the proposal for editing.  If they need more information, in order to make that decision, the entire proposal is available and they can view the details.  The route log button at the bottom of the page can be used to show where the proposal is in the process; who has already approved; and who is next on the route.

Each stop in the approval process has been configured to either require all approvers to respond before sending the proposal along its route, or to have only one of the assigned approvers respond.   For example, the key personnel stop will require the principal investigator and all co-investigators to approve, but the department stop will require only one of the assigned unit approvers to respond.  For more information on this, see the attached workflow flowchart. *chart needs edit

PDF Workflow

Researchers and approvers will be able to access their action list from any computer, tablet, or hand-held device that can access the internet. Therefore, they will always be able to know what the next step in the process is and what they need to do in order to complete it.  On or off campus, and anywhere in the world that you can access the internet, you can keep the process moving.

If for some reason you won’t be able to access the internet, you can also assign a delegate to approve on your behalf.  You can do this on the fly and delegate your role for specific periods of time.

All of these benefits will result in a quicker review process. Electronic routing, approvals and action lists will allow researchers to be able to work more efficiently to submit their proposals.

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