Breaking Down the Applications in Kuali Research

Kuali Research is more than just an application that provides processing for research proposals and post-award administration. The system will reduce administrative burden and provide accurate and timely information to the university. It places all related information in one place, ties compliance data directly to award and proposal data, and links proposals to awards.

Currently, the Kuali Research application consists of the following modules:

  1. Pre-Award:  The Proposal Development module provides a single location to collect all of the elements needed for a proposal. These can then be routed for approval and, in some cases, submitted electronically without any rekeying of information. You will use this module to enter proposal summary data (e.g., project title, start and end dates, etc.), creating the budget, and attaching any necessary documentation. This will consolidate everything you do in one place and reduce last minute questions.  With the system to system (S2S) submissions it will also reduce duplicate data entry for many government sponsors. The Negotiations module provides a centralized location for Sponsored Programs office administrators to log awards and other contractual documents (material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, MOUs, etc.), track negotiation and processing activities associated with moving an award document forward to the account creation point, and provide metrics about volume and timing of award processes.
  2. Post-Award:  The Award module allows CSU to manage awards that are received. This module will be integrated with the Kuali Financial System (KFS) to provide better reporting for investigators and staff. Reports will be accurate to within one business day, and the numbers will be reconciled with financials.
  3. Various compliance modules, including Conflict of Interest (COI), Institutional Review Board (IRB), and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) will allow faculty and staff to easily connect proposals and award information with these compliance systems. While we will not be implementing these right away, these modules will provide connections to proposals and awards that will make management and reporting easier for all.
  4. Within the Proposal Development and compliance modules, the electronic routing of documents for approval and collection of electronic signatures allows reviewers/approvers to see all of the information they need in one place – simplifying and improving the approval process.

Sponsored Programs has been using the Awards module for award/account creation since October 2014. COI was brought online for the 2015 conflict-of-interest reporting cycle. An Export Control module has been live since May 2015. SP began using the Negotiations module in July 2016.

Future integration of the post-award modules with Kuali Finance is planned for 2017. More complete integration of the two systems will allow the streamlining of account creation and better reporting.

Campus training for the Proposal Development module begins November 7, 2016, with a scheduled go-live date of Monday, January 9, 2017 for all campus users.

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