The Kuali Enterprise System

The Value In Having All The Pieces

The Kuali Enterprise system has many pieces that are needed to make the system complete.  The first piece implemented by CSU was the Kuali Financial System in 2009, and we are currently working the second piece of the puzzle – the Kuali Research Module.  As with any puzzle, the value of the Kuali enterprise system will not be completely realized until all of the Kuali modules are in place and working together.

Kuali Research Modules In Production

  • Award
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Export Control
  • Negotiations
  • Proposal Development

Future Modules

  • IRB
  • Animal Management
  • Contracts & Grants Billing
  • Effort Certification

These modules will be implemented over the next several years, completing the Kuali enterprise system.  Although some benefits will be immediate, the full value of the system will not be realized until all the modules are implemented. This value includes:

  • Electronic submission of proposals to the federal government through and  This will eliminate the re-keying of data into these forms.
  • Research billing through CGB that complies with the new federal standards. This will reduce billing time, as well as, the time it takes to receive payment.
  • Integrated conflict of interest management that conforms to NIH and HHS guidelines and standards. This will eliminate the manual process currently used by the provost.
  • Integrated compliance management for IRB and IACUC, ensuring that protocols are in place and renewed in a timely manner.
  • Allocation of indirect costs can take place on a monthly basis instead of once a year.
  • New faculty will be able to show their involvement in research through the tracking of recognition splits.
  • Reduced operational costs for the Vice President of Research. Using one system for the research process will reduce licensing costs and physical servers needed.
  • Collaboration with other universities in policy and processes.


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