• The attachments currently added to PASS vary greatly depending on college and sponsor, and requiring the inclusion of attachments in KR will, in some cases, be perceived as double-entry. Therefore, the attachment list will be kept to a minimum.

Recommendation: The following attachments are required in KR if they are pertinent to the project, regardless of how the proposal will be submitted:

  1. Budget if done on an approved agency/sponsor budget form
  2. Budget justification
  3. SOW or summary attachment, or brief summary entered as an abstract.
  4. Forms or other documents required by the sponsor
  5. Subrecipient information:
    1. Commitment letter signed by an institutional official
    2. Statement of Work (SOW)
    3. Budget and budget justification 
  6. CSU internal financial commitment forms/info (such as cost-sharing or additional space request)

NOTE: System-to-System (S2S) submissions: All attachments as required by the opportunity must be in KR.

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