Routing and Approvals

Over time, the SP-1 routing form has become somewhat obsolete as standards have relaxed. Many proposals are now submitted without the SP-1 being fully signed, or the SP-1 is signed for PI, College, and Dean by one individual. This has led to a discussion of what approvals are actually needed at each level, and the conclusion is that we do need the current approval levels going forward into KR.


  • At a minimum, PIs and Co-Is be required to personally complete the Person Certification¬† questions at the time they approve the proposal
  • Routing for PIs and Co-Is will follow the same basic and parallel path:
    1. Proposal is submitted into routing (by PI or preaward support staff)
    2. PI and Co-Is approve proposal as ready to submit, and answer certification questions.
    3. For departments that choose to have a pre-approver, this person approves after the PI and before department and college approvals.
    4. Proposal is routed to each department head/delegate for approval
    5. Proposal is routed to each dean/delegate for approval
    6. Proposal is routed to Extension when applicable
    7. Proposal is routed to OSP to complete submission process.

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