Transition from PASS to Kuali Research Proposal Development

  1. Effective January 9
    1. No new PASS records can be created.
    2. No SP-1s can be created for PASS records.
  2. For proposals due before January 9, finish in PASS.
    1. SP-1s should be signed before January 9.
  3. For PASS proposals that have SP-1s already in progress, finish in PASS, with an expectation that this would be for proposals to be submitted in January or early February.
    1. If for some reason, the SP-1 is not finished, and the proposal does not get submitted by early February, we should have this proposal record re-created in KR Proposal Development (PD)
  4. For proposals with RECEIPT deadlines of January 9 through 13:
    1. If record is already in PASS, get the SP-1 started before January 9 to be finished in PASS.
      • If the SP-1 is not created before January 9, the record has to be re-created in KR PD.
    2. If the record is not in PASS as of January 9, it has to be created in KR PD.
  5. For proposals with RECEIPT deadlines of January 13 through January 20:
    1. If in PASS, and no SP-1 has been created before January 9, re-create in KR PD.  System will be available at least a few days prior to January 9 (Jan 4 – 6). Users will be able to have PASS open in another browser window to copy/paste data from PASS into KR.
    2. If not in PASS, has to be created in KR PD.
  6. For PASS records with TARGET deadlines anytime on or after January 9, and no SP-1 started, the record needs to be re-created in KR PD.

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