Mission Statement

To use our expertise to provide the highest standard of care for laboratory animals in support of the Colorado State University research community


Foster an environment of care, respect and support for animals, researchers and staff
Provide humane husbandry and veterinary care for research animals
Facilitate essential animal-based research with an emphasis on ethics, communication and safety
Participate with investigators in the development of animal-based research
Promote educational opportunities for staff, students, researchers and the public
Maintain animal facilities and equipment to meet animal needs and regulatory standards of care
Be a leader in the field of animal care and support
To be fiscally responsible and efficient

LAR Brochure:

LAR oversees the care and management of animals used in research and teaching at Colorado State University in over 48,000 square feet of animal holding space for small and large animals including animal biosafety level 3. We collaborate with investigators to meet their research needs by providing a full-spectrum of animal care and related services.

(LAR Brochure PDF)



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