New Expired Protocol Animal Transfer Fee

Starting Fy18 (7/1/17) LAR will begin to charge $35 for all transfers from an expired research/teaching protocol to the CSU Holding Protocol. If multiple transfers are required for multiple rooms and accounts, then multiple fees must be assessed.

If animals on an expired protocol are still on census, but the cages have been terminated; LAR must enact the transfer in order to remain compliant with Sponsored Program policy. It is the lab’s responsibility to ensure that cage cards are properly turned in to be stopped in the eAO system.

The last known funding information and contact information for these animals will be used in order to transfer to the holding protocol. If the account has expired, labs will need to submit a KFS GEC or to manually change the account information (within the eAO system) in order to correct account inaccuracies.

When animals are placed on to the CSU holding protocol, labs may not conduct any research activities for any of these animals regardless of the immediate research needs.

In order to move animals from the holding protocol to a new research protocol labs must submit a transfer request (via the forms menu on the LAR website). This will be processed as a normal transfer (no fee).



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