Laboratory Liaison Program

The Laboratory Liaison program (LL) is designed to bring together researchers and their staff with research administrators for an exchange of information and ideas.  We meet quarterly for 1-2 hours for an informal discussion and informational presentations

Who are the Laboratory Liaisons?

  • All members of CSU’s research program are welcome to attend meetings
  • An LL is the “go-to” person who develops and shares knowledge about the administrative and regulatory aspect of animal use.  They have relationships with representatives of the OVPR administration that facilitate smooth interactions and regulatory compliance.
  • For example – hands-on PI’s, lab managers, senior research associates

Who are the administrators?

Representatives from:

  • Laboratory Animal Resources
  • Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office

What are the goals of the LL program?

  • Improve communication and build relationships
  • Increase knowledge
  • Enhance ethical animal research through dialog

LL meeting presentations:

The AAALAC Laboratory Notebook


Top 10 AAALAC Questions


Preparing for the 2018 AAALAC site visit


AAALAC and SAI Preparedness

Pre-inspection Checklist

Veterinary Verification and Consultation


LAR Business Office Updates


Several updates from LAR (eAnimal Ordering, euthanasia requests, cage card requests, record retention)


The Evolution of PAM

eAnimal Ordering Update

Semi-annual Inspection Guide


e Animal Ordering Update

Spring 2016 IACUC Semi-annual Inspection

Pharmacology Shared Resource







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