Microscope Imaging Network Vice President for Research

The Microscope Imaging Network (MIN) is a Foundational Core Facility funded in part through a core infrastructure grant from the Office of the Vice President for Research. The facility director is Jeff Field (jeff.field@colostate.edu), but each instrument has its own supervisor and training mechanism so be sure to visit the individual web sites for each instrument listed below for additional contact information.

The Network Presently Includes:

  • JEOL 1400 and JEOL 2000 Transmission Electron Microscopes housed in room W11 A/Z
  • Two Zeiss LSM510 meta laser scanning confocal microscopes, one housed in room W5 A/Z and one housed in room B318 Microbiology Building
  • Olympus inverted IX81 FV1000 confocal laser scanning microscope housed in the Research Innovation Center, Foothills Campus
  • Olympus inverted IX81 spinning disk confocal microscope housed in room 224 MRB
  • Nikon Eclipse Ti Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscope with N-STORM super resolution imaging capability, in room 224 MRB
  • Two Nikon inverted epifluorescence microscopes in room 224 MRB.

Each of these systems is described in more detail in the “MIN Microscopes” drop down menu at the top of this page.

Microscope Development

In addition to the instrumentation listed above, the MIN provides microscope development services. If the instrumentation available in the MIN does not meet your needs, or if you are interested in pursuing a specific imaging technique that cannot be done with the current instrumentation, please contact our director for a consultation. In some cases, we are able to utilize novel research tools under development elsewhere on campus for preliminary imaging studies.

Alternatively, we may be able to design new imaging platforms tailored to specific applications. Please contact our director to schedule a consult.

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