Data Analysis

So you have used the instrumentation in the MIN Core Facility to collect images of your samples – now what? Microscopy data is more than just stunning images. Contained within those images is a wealth of information about your sample that can be extracted with the right mathematical tools. A simple example is shown in the images below, where an image processing algorithm was utilized to automatically measure the sizes of cells in a DIC image.

To help you make the most of the images you collect in the facility, we now provide data analysis consulting. While many of the data analysis methods required for your research may be better addressed by the experts in the Statistics Core Facility, we are available to consult on a wide range of image processing and data analysis methods. Please contact MIN Director Jeff Field to set up a consultation.


Algae Cell Dimensions

A custom-written Python script was used to automatically measure the dimensions of algae cells in a DIC image collected in the MIN core facility.








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