Facility Publications

Bamburg JR, Bernstein BW. (2016) Actin dynamics and cofilin-actin rods in Alzheimer disease. Cytoskeleton (in press)

Walsh KP, Minamide LS, Kane SJ, Shaw AE, Brown DR, Pulford B, Zabel MD, Lambeth JD, Kuhn TB, Bamburg JR. (2014) Amyloid-β and proinflammatory cytokines utilize a prion-dependent pathway to activate NADPH oxidase and induce cofilin-actin rods in hippocampal neurons.  PLoS One 9, e95995.

Mi J, Shaw AE, Pak CW, Walsh KP, Minamide LS, Bernstein BW, Kuhn TB, Bamburg JR. (2013) A genetically encoded reporter for real-time imaging of cofilin-actin rods in neurons. PLoS One 8, e83609

Bernstein BW, Shaw AE, Minamide LS, Pak CW, Bamburg JR. (2012) Incorporation of cofilin into rods depends ondisulfide intermolecular bonds: Implications for actin regulation and neurodegenerative disease. J Neurosci 32, 6670-6681.

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