Digital Droplet PCR


The QX200 Digital Droplet PCR System

In order to use the QX200 system you must first be trained!  You can request training by emailing John Anderson  ( or Carol Wilusz ( or through iLabs.  Free samples of EvaGreen and Probe Reagents plus cartridges are available until stocks run out.

Current fees are $1.97 per sample plus $2.35 per run effective March 1, 2016.  Your account number and # of samples will be requested when you open the Quantasoft Program to initiate droplet reading.  Droplet generation and PCR are free.

In addition to the full QX200 system (droplet generator, plate sealer, C1000 PCR machine plus droplet reader) located in Microbiology B406, there are also satellite droplet generator/plate sealer/PCR stations at the locations listed below.  You can set up and run your PCR reactions at these locations and then bring your samples to Microbiology B406 for reading immediately or store for reading at a later time.

Satellite Droplet Generation/PCR stations
MRB Room 479 (Argueso Lab)
Pathology Room 304 (Akkina Lab)
RIC/Foothills D140 (Stenglein Lab)
Plant Sciences E111  (Gaines Lab)
VTH – Diagnostic Medicine Center (MacNeill Lab)

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Protocols and Papers for ddPCR

BioRad ddPCR Applications Guide
Digital PCR Hits Its Stride. Monya Baker. Nature Methods (2012) 9, 541-544

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