For what applications is ddPCR superior to real-time PCR?

DdPCR has the edge over qPCR in several key applications:

  • Copy Number Variation
    DdPCR is much more sensitive for these types of study because it can accurately distinguish 1.2 fold differences in copy number.
  • Quantification of Viral or Bacterial Load
    DdPCR results are given in the form of  absolute copy number of DNA template in the reaction.  Therefore no standard curves are needed which saves money and time.  DdPCR is also optimal for detecting rare events such as very low level infection.
  • Rare Mutation Detection
    DdPCR is ideal for detecting rare events such as point mutations in cancer and CRISPR/Cas generated mutations in cultured cells.
  • Quantifying small changes in gene expression
    qPCR struggles to accurately quantify small changes (<2-fold) in mRNA abundance.  DdPCR is superior in this case as it can accurately distinguish 1.2 fold differences.
  • Quantifying libraries for Next Generation Sequencing
    Sequencing libraries must be accurately quantified to ensure optimal cluster density on the flow cell. DdPCR is superior at quantifying the number of functional fragments present in your library.

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