LIMITED SUBMISSION: NIH – Child Neurologist Career Development Program

The purpose of the NINDS Child Neurologist Career Development Program (CNCDP) is to facilitate and support the research career development of child neurologists, at educational institutions or professional organizations, who have made a commitment to independent research careers. The CNCDP is a single national program, implemented by either a single PD/PI or multiple co- directors (at least one of whom is the PD/PI), together with an advisory committee composed of basic and clinical investigators who have a strong record of funded research and successful training of clinician scientists. The CNCDP will generally provide three consecutive years of support to individuals to provide them with the knowledge, tools and research experience that will enable them to develop a significant research project funded by an individual career development award or research grant.

Each PD/PI must be an established physician-scientist in child neurology who has the experience to provide both administrative and scientific leadership to the development and implementation of the proposed program. The PD/PI(s) should have a demonstrated track record in both research and the successful training of clinician-scientists for a dual research and clinical career. In addition, the PD/PI(s) should have the stature in the child neurology community appropriate for an individual charged with oversight over a single national program designed to fulfill the critical need of developing the careers of child neurologists to conduct significant research intended to find cures and better treatments of childhood neurological diseases.
Each PD/PI must have sufficient time to devote to the CNCDP. Applicants may wish to assign program co-director roles to individuals who do not serve as PD/PI(s). Similarly, these individuals should have sufficient time to commit to the program.


OSP DEADLINE: April 14, 2016

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