LIMITED SUBMISSION: DHS S&T Center of Excellence for Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain Defense

The Cross Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain Defense Center of Excellence will research and develop solutions, protocols, and capabilities to support DHS operations that detect, assess, and respond to known and unknown biological threats and hazards that could adversely impact the Nation’s people, agriculture, and economy. DHS seeks to understand alternative approaches to reduce risks posed by new biological threats encountered at borders, ports of entry (POEs), and within the global supply chain in which DHS has responsibility. DHS is most concerned with transnational agro- and bio-terrorism, pandemics, transboundary animal diseases, and other unknown biothreats. Faced with ever-increasing volumes of trade and travelers, border security and immigration managers need technological innovations and better management of information.

The DHS Centers of Excellence (COEs) are university consortia that work closely with DHS Components and their partners to conduct research, develop and transition mission-relevant science and technology, educate the next generation of homeland security technical experts, and train the current workforce in the latest scientific applications. Each COE is led by an accredited U.S. college or university and involves multiple partners for varying lengths of time. DHS envisions the COEs as long-term trusted partners that provide an array of resources to help DHS achieve improve operations. The new Center will be a fully-integrated component of the COE network and will take advantage of the network’s resources to develop mission-critical research, education, and technology transition programs.

COEs should describe how technologies and concepts could be integrated into DHS operations to enhance screening and bio-threat identification, assessment, and prevention. Potential approaches include the utilization of innovative technologies (e.g., screening physical cargo and passengers and data analysis to identify potential conditions that warrant greater scrutiny), optimized operational procedures, and a skilled workforce trained in latest methods to identify and respond to biological threats and their corresponding impact on health and the economy.

This COE will support a portfolio of projects that range in technical maturity, potential impact, and that address different elements of the complex challenges associated with integrating information relevant to protecting the Nation against next generation biological threats. Centers are required to develop and adhere to a systematic framework that guides project teams through appropriate developmental steps, addresses critical regulatory, market, and other business factors that will impact the likelihood that the outcome will be used by customers.

DHS is also posting a separate solicitation for eligible applicants to submit single project proposals for consideration as a partner to this Center of Excellence (COE)(DHS-ST-061-CBTS-PARTNER).

DHS S&T Center of Excellence for Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chair Defense – Lead

OSP DEADLINE: April 12, 2017

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