Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility

Facility Description

The mission of the Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility is to serve as an enabling resource for research and development programs at Colorado State University. We strive to build instrumental capabilities that exceed the normal resources of individual research programs, and make those technologies available as a shared resource. We also aim to provide an environment rich in expertise and educational resources, and to foster collaboration across the CSU community and beyond.

Summary of Facility Capabilities

  • Mass Spectrometry analysis of biological molecules
    • Protein Identification
    • Quantitative Proteomics
    • PTM Characterization
    • Selected Reaction Monitoring Assays
    • Non-Targeted Metabolite Profiling
    • Small Molecule Quantitation
  • DNA Sequencing
    • Fragment Analysis Assays
  • Flow Cytometry Analysis
  • Cell Sorting
  • Reagent and Supply Stockroom
  • Oligo Synthesis via IDT
  • Experimental Design Consultation

Contact Information


Director: Jessica Prenni


Phone: (970) 491-0961

Location: C123 Microbiology


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