Quarterly Strategic Investment

The intent of the Quarterly Strategic Investment Process is  to fund 6-8 awards against a funding pool of $100,000.  In the FY17 Q4 cycle, a total of 22 proposals were submitted from 7 colleges and 1 other unit, many representing the collaborative efforts of multiple PIs, projects, Departments, and Colleges.  Proposals were reviewed by an internal review committee within the OVPR.  All of the submissions presented compelling cases for funding and worthy of consideration.  As a result, narrowing the group to the top few was decidedly difficult.

Based on the quality of submissions, additional one-time funding was added to enable the OVPR provide funding for 8 of the 22 proposals for an aggregate award total of $128,490.

The following is a summary of awards and funding by broad category and proposal descriptions for FY16.

FY17  FY16 FY15
Conferences/Workshops Symposia $42,050 $67,480 $74,564
Facility Renovation $5,027 $59,333 $158,152
Center/Program/Research Support $167,068 $68,127 $105,406
Equipment $141,974 $20,000 $165,656
Other $32,500 $225,032

*includes FY15 Awards for FY16 Funding


The following list is representative of the types of requests funded:


  • Int’l science symposium
  • Annual Assn. meeting in artistry
  • Research conference

Facility Renovation

  • Installation of exhaust line for fume hood
  • High-capacity water recirculation system
  • Wall enclosure and HVAC extension for laboratory
  • Improved ceiling enclosure to enable clean room capability

Center/Program/Research Support

  • Early stage commercialization for research and innovation
  • Consultation and planning for launching a new Center
  • Seed funding for new translational research area
  • Prototype development for advanced manufacturing
  • Proposal development for rural micro-grid technology
  • Development of policy approaches around sensitive data access for research
  • CSU-community engagement for improving community vitality


  • Acquisition of ultrasound system
  • Acquisition of video and audio equipment and lab ‘furniture’ for social science research
  • Repair expenses for unexpected equipment failure
  • Acquisition of commercial-scale composite processing equipment
  • Specialized analytical software for research support
  • Purchase and installation of sound chamber
  • Replacement of aged high-use equipment



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