Research Acceleration Office

Research Acceleration Office Local Discovery Global Impact

The Research Acceleration Office at Colorado State University was created to support and facilitate the development of new, groundbreaking research. In order to accomplish this ultimate goal, the Office works to facilitate the creation of new research teams that focus on multi/inter/transdisciplinary partnerships.

In order to further the research opportunities of these groups, the RAO endeavors to align researchers with strategic, significant funding opportunities that will allow the teams to pursue their research goals more effectively than ever before.

This process in turn flows into the Office’s final mission: to increase CSU’s overall research success and standing, ensuring that Colorado State is on the cutting edge of university-sponsored research.

Coming Soon! InfoReady Review

InfoReady Review is the competition management system that will be used by Colorado State University for internal funding and limited submission reviews. It will be used for submitting, routing approvals, reviewing, scoring, and managing these specific applications. Access will be through single sign-on, using the same login and password as your university account.

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