2018 Biosafety Month and Poster Contest Winners

Dear Colleagues,

We have 4 important announcements from the IBC regarding October 2018 National Biosafety Month:

We have launched the RAM Safe Pledge

All individuals working or conducting research in the lab play an essential role in biosafety. Each person is responsible for their own personal safety by using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), following specified procedures, and being properly trained. Everybody in the lab needs to be aware of the risks associated with their research (including use of biohazardous materials, agents and procedures). To be good stewards of biosafety, everyone must be mindful of how their actions in the lab impact those around them. By following these guiding principles (Responsible, Aware, Mindful) we can all be safe together. We encourage everyone to take the RAM Safe Pledge! A special recognition will be awarded to the department that submits the most pledges 🙂

The IBC will be hosting a Meet & Greet

October 10th from 1:00p-1:30pm. Ever wonder who is on the Institutional Biosafety Committee and what the committee does? Please come and check us out! We welcome and encourage all IBC users (PIs, delegates, laboratory staff) to come join the IBC for some light refreshments and casual conversation. The event will be held at the Lory Student Center in the Grey Rock room 290. Hope to see you all there!!

Highly competitive “Biosafety Stewardship” Poster Contest

We are excited to announce the winning poster by two MIP MS-B graduate students, Anneliese Detmer and Olivia Uzan. View the winning poster. Copies are being distributed around campus. If you would like additional copies, please contact: RICRO_IBC@mail.colostate.edu. Thank you to everyone who either submitted a poster or encouraged someone submit one!

October is also CSU “Clean out Your Lab Fridge and Freezer” Month

We urge you to take some time to clean out your laboratory refrigerators and freezers and to ensure your inventories are up to date.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of these activities or any other IBC related issues.

Happy Biosafety Month!!

Christine M. Johnson, MS, RBP
Senior IBC Coordinator

Chaoping Chen
PhD Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Chair of Institutional Biosafety Committee

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