IACUC Training, eProtocol, and OHSP

  1. IACUC Training
    1. For all PIs on IACUC Protocols and personnel who will be working with animals under an IACUC Protocol:
      1. Online IACUC Training
      2. EHS Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP): Online Risk Assessment Form
      3. Attach an IACUC Training Record Form to the protocol.
  1. Hands-On training for animal users:
    1. Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP)
    2. Contact Barbara Petkus, LAR Training Coordinator
  2. eProtocol Troubleshooting
    1. Protocol Submissions:
      1. How to Clone a Protocol
      2. How to Create and Submit an Amendment
      3. How to Create and Submit a Continuing Review Form
    2. Protocol Deletions:
      1. How to Delete an Amendment Request
      2. How to Delete an Amendment Request and Close a Protocol
      3. How to Delete a Continuing Review Form and Close a Protocol
      4. How to Delete Continuing Review Form and Create an Amendment Request
    3. Protocol Documents:
      1. How to get your IACUC Protocol Approval Letter from eProtocol
      2. How to get your IACUC Protocol from eProtocol
  3. Example Experimental Timeline and Groups Tables
  4. Educational Webinars
    • FDA Guidance 218: Cell-Based Products – by Lynne Boxer, DVM Veterinary Medical Officer (May 10, 2016)

Additional OHSP information for Animals Users:

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