IBC Training and Tutorials

IBC Training for Investigators

View CSU IBC PI Training slide show for an overview on the NIH Guidelines, the membershiprequirements and functions of the IBC, as well as the responsibilities of investigators, the institution, and the IBC under the NIH Guidelines. The training also outlines the IBC’s approval process, the requirements for registering agents and projects, and the IBC’s renewal policies.

Please note: If you are a PI taking the online IBC PI Training, you must access the training through the online IBC database in order for your completion of the courseto be recorded. Beginning March 15, 2010 the IBC PI Training will become a requirement of all PIs submitting new or renewing Agent/Project Approval Requests.

IBC Online Submission Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions for PIs on how to use the online IBC database. Topics include: logging on to the IBC database; submitting agent/project approval request forms; printing agent/project approval notices; annual project renewals; submitting amendments; and uploading biosafety documents.

Example IBC Forms

View a well written AARF or PARF to get an idea of the level of detail the IBC would like to see (please note: personnel names and work locations have been redacted).


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