Does my research need to be reviewed?

You may be planning a project that seems a lot like research to you, but determining when a project must be submitted to the IRB for review is not always as clear cut as you may think.

In this section of our website, we provide you tools such as decision/flow charts, lists of the regulatory review criteria, and tip sheets to assist you in determining if your project is under the IRB’s purview.

If you have read these materials, but are still not certain if your project would be considered “research” with “human subjects,” we encourage you to contact us either by phone, email, or by submitting the Determination of Human Subjects Research form. This form is a short Word document that can be found by clicking on the “Still Not Sure? Submit this form” link. Email the completed form to an IRB Coordinator, and the IRB will make the final determination if your project meets the regulatory requirements for IRB review.

Please feel free to contact the IRB Coordinators or Chair if you have any questions about the IRB and your human research endeavors.

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