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Human Subjects Protection Training Requirements

All Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-PIs on human subjects research protocols must complete human subjects protection training . This training can be either 1. On-campus training, OR 2. Online training from the CITI site.

Training must be renewed every three (3) years. The IRB strongly recommends that anyone else associated with the research team who will be interacting with the participants or having access to the data take one of the training options. For more information about CSU’s Human Subjects Protection Training, please see the CSU Human Subjects Protection Training Requirements or contact the IRB or RICRO.

Note: When creating your protocol on the eProtocol system, you will need to know your training status. All PIs and Co-PIs must have up-to-date training.

If a protocol is NIH funded, all key personnel (as defined by NIH) must complete the training.

Upcoming On-Campus Human Subjects Protection Training Sessions

Due to upcoming regulation changes, our on-campus training sessions may be delayed.

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