For Researchers

As a Principal Investigator of a multisite study or collaborative research study, it is your responsibility to adhere to the policies and procedures of the IRB of Record. In cases when there is an external or centralized IRB used, the IRB of Record policies prevail. It is, also, your responsibility to continue to adhere to all Colorado State University’s institutional policies as well as state and local laws governing human subjects research.

Using an external IRB as the IRB of Record for your study does not replace all other CSU institutional policies that you need to follow.

Who can use the SMART IRB?

Colorado State University has signed the SMART IRB agreement allowing any investigator at Colorado State University collaborating with other institutions to streamline the reliance process by using the SMART IRB platform to initiate and monitor reliance agreements between institutions.

How to Initiate the Process?

You can start by going to and requesting investigator access! There are many resources available on this web page to guide you through initiating the reliance process in SMART IRB. There are primarily 4 basic steps identified in the video: Investigator submits a request [2:44].

Should you have any questions, please contact your point of contact for CSU.

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