Submit a Protocol

If your project is BOTH Research and Research with Human Subjects, you are required to submit a protocol to the IRB for review and approval.

Protocols are reviewed by the IRB via 3 review processes: 1. Exempt, 2. Expedite or 3. Full-board. What type of review is appropriate for your research?

Check out the Exempt and Expedite/Full-Board sections of our website for complete details on the three review methods.

If you have questions about which review criteria fits your study, please feel free to contact an IRB Coordinator.

Important Note to Researchers
Exempt applications (MS Word document) are submitted to the IRB either via email or hard copy. Expedite and Full-board review protocols must be submitted online via eProtocol. Submissions made via eProtocol that are determined by the IRB to be exempt will be returned to researchers once the Exempt determination memo has been completed.

Graphic showing Types of Reviews

Types of Reviews


  • Can be Submitted at any time
  • Exempt determination made by IRB Administrator
  • 1 Administrative reviewer
  • 10-15 day turn around


  • Can be submitted any time
  • Expedite determination made by IRB
  • 2 Reviewers
  • 3-5 week review (target time)

Full Board

  • Due by 5:00 p.m. on the 1st Thursday of each month.
  • 4-5 week turn-around; Comments to PI within 7-10 working days after full board committee meeting

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