Institutional Review Board Members

Committee members must be familiar with the diverse regulations, including those of the Health and Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Education, and the State of Colorado. They must be current on recent interpretations of the regulations from the federal Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) and elsewhere. The federal regulations specify the minimum requirements for membership at §45 CFR 46.107.

Although they each represent their own academic expertise, they are committees of the institution and must reflect community and institutional values and standards. Committee members devote 7-12 hours per month, 12 months per year, to IRB meetings and protocol reviews; the IRB Chairs are involved in an additional 25 hours or more per month reviewing responses and protocols, discussions with researchers, and problem resolution. Membership on the IRB is a service responsibility; members are not paid. The Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office (RICRO) serves as the administrative support unit for the IRB, acting on behalf of the Committees and serving as a consistent contact point and resource for information.

IRB members serve a three-year term, which may be renewed. New members are nominated by the IRB and appointed by the Vice President for Research in consultation with the Deans of the colleges conducting human research and the involved Department Heads/Chairs. The University’s Bioethicist is a permanent appointment. The rosters of the IRB are approved by OHRP to verify the committee is consistent with the intent of the federal regulations. Normally new members join at the start of the University’s new fiscal year, in July.

The membership as of March 2018 is as follows:

Biomedical (BMR) IRB
Matthew Hickey, Ph.D.
Regular Member, Professor, Chair of the BMR IRB Department of Health and Exercise Science
Bruce Cooper, M.D. Regular member, Physician, Community representative Medical Director Health District of Northern Larimer County
Tammy Felton-Noyle, CIP, CCRP Regular member, Scientific RICRO
Steve Matthews, M.D. Regular member, Physician Hartshorn Health, CSU
Ketul Popat, Ph.D. Regular member, Associate Professor, Scientific Mechanical Engineering Department
Bernard Rollin, Ph.D. Permanent Member, Professor, Non-scientist Philosophy Department
Kimberly Cox-York, Ph.D. Alternate Member, Instructor, Scientific Food Science and Human Nutrition
Susan Gloeckner Alternate Member, Non-Scientific HDS Technology
Kirk McGilvray, Ph.D. Alternate Member, Research Scientist/Scholar, Scientific Mechanical Engineering Department
Jennifer Peel, Ph.D. Alternate Member, Associate Professor, Scientific Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research (SBER) IRB
Gene Gloeckner, Ph.D. Regular member, Professor, Chair of the SBER IRB, Social Scientist School of Education
Matthew Rhodes, Ph.D. Regular member, Associate Professor, Associate IRB Chair, Scientific Psychology Department
Moti Gorin, Ph.D. Regular member, Assistant Professor, Non-Scientific Philosophy Department
Joel Painter, MSW Regular member, Non-Scientific, Prisoner Representative, Community Representative Jacob Center
Evelyn Swiss, CIP Regular member, Non-Scientific RICRO
David Williams, JD Regular member, Non-Scientific Department of Philosophy
Scot Allen, Ph.D. Alternate Member, Non-Scientific RICRO, Export Control
James Folkstad, Ph.D. Alternate Member, Professor, Scientific School of Education
Elizabeth Hicks, BS Alternate Member, Scientific Community Member
Olivia Kail, BA Alternate member, Non-Scientific Student Representative
Daniel Lennox Alternate member, Scientific Student Representative, Computer Science
Sarah Olson, MA Alternate member, Non-Scientific International Programs

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