SPOT Award

People are the greatest asset of an organization. The employees of the Office of the Vice President for Research (the OVPR) provide the foundation for the research mission at Colorado State University to grow and thrive in today’s competitive research environment. Without the support and dedication of the staff in the Vice President for Research organization, CSU would not be one of the leading research institutions in the country today.

SPOT Award Recipients

What is a SPOT award?

The SPOT award is a monthly award. The decision to give a SPOT award is made by the Division Director, at any time, recognizing that an OVPR employee within their unit has made a significant contribution to the greater good of the division, the OVPR or the University. It is for actions that are beyond what would normally be encompassed in the job duties or responsibilities and to recognize excellence in a way that has value and significance and is impactful and meaningful to the employee.

The goal of the SPOT Award is to immediately (within a short time frame) recognize individuals and provide a unique opportunity to recognize efforts on the “SPOT” and not through a prolonged approval process.


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